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    Photoshop on Retina Display

    Mickyです Level 1

      I'm thinking to buying new Mac book pro but I've heard photoshop doesn't look very well on the retina display.

      Is it true??


      I use CS6 mainly but also use CS5 sometime.

      Someone said there is a free update for CS6, so what happened CS5?

      Can't I use CS5 on the monitor?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I believe CS6 has retina support.  Neither CS5, or any other old version of Photoshop will ever have Retina Support.


          As to how PS looks on a Retina screen, I believe it is OK for photo editing, but there are issues if you are a web developer - for obvious reasons. 


          I am sure someone with actual experience will be along to tell you more.