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    Access InDesignServer instance running as Windows service via COM?


      I 'm trying to obtain the COM application object of an InDesign Server instance that is running (via the InDesignServerService) as a Windows Service but all attempts at this have thusfar failed.


      This is what I did

      • I have created a new instance via InDesignServerService.msc. The new instance has no port and the following commandline argument "-configuration IDS_1".
      • I have set the InDesignServerService to log on using my local user account.
      • I started the InDesignServerService
      • I'm using InDesignServer CS6 (8.0) x64 on Windows 8 (also tried on Win7) and I'm a local admin.


      I want to communicate with the InDesign server instance from my application (this is a .NET application, but all COM functionality is through low-level p/invokes calls). Actually this will eventually run also as a service, but for debugging purposes I thought it would be easier to run it as a simple console application.


      I would have expected that a COM moniker called "IDS_1" would now be available to which I could bind to gain access to the Application object of the server instance. However, this does not seem to be the case.


      The thing is, when I run InDesignServer as a regular application the moniker is in fact available.


      Any help on what could be wrong here and a possible solution would be much appreciated.