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    How to prevent synching data to Adobe's cloud?


      I have received emails from Adobe that “They are happy to tell us that our data is now synched via Adobe Cloud.“ (german original wording below.)


      We never want to store any data on Adobe's cloud servers since Adobe is a company based in the USA. We have legal obligations to never ever export any data outside of our country and especially not onto any server in the USA. We did not save any data to Adobe's cloud yet and we never want to do this. Why did Adobe activate this feature on all of our multiple Adobe accounts without our consent and how can I make absolutely sure it never gets turned on?


      In fact, is there a way to prevent all Adobe applications from synching any data with their cloud and also preventing users from accidentally turning off this “feature”? The overhead for systems administration created by Creative Cloud products is terrible. (Posting our actual stand regarding CC would severly violate the forum guidlines.)



      Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass Sie die Dateien und Ordner, die Sie in der Creative Cloud gespeichert haben, jetzt mit der Creative Cloud-Desktop-Applikation direkt auf Ihren Desktop synchronisieren können.

      Wir freuen uns darüber überhaupt nicht, es gefährdet unsers Arbeit!