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    Parenting/3D issue

    Aileen Poe

      I am currently trying to parent a few pre compsitions together but encountered a problem re 3D.


      To paint a better picture, its a vector animation that changes from disease cells to a star constellation. The pre-comps are individual cells that have their own activity, then I'm trying to link them to another pre-comp which draws lines between the circles that make up a constellation. When I parent the disease pre-comps to the latter, the constellation pre-comp moves on all the axis', but the disease pre-comps only parent on the Z axis, not the X and Y.


      Any ideas why this would be and how I can fix it? I want to be able to rotate the constellation as if you are circling around it.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without seeing your project I would say that you need to collapse transformations and have 3D set up properly in all of the pre-comps. This will let your main comp camera interact with the 3D layers inside the pre-comps.


          If you can give us a screenshot showing your main comp with all properties revealed in all layers and you can give us a flow chart maybe we can figure it out without seeing the actual comp.