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    Indesign doc page 2 becomes the Last page in epub (ADE)

    loveAndPeace Level 1

      I have tried many things.



      Layout > pages > insert pages> after page 1.


      Within InDesign CC

      I have the  'Table of Contents'  Text on this newly added page 2 which was the blank page that I inserted.


      When I export to ADE, this Table Text is the very LAST page in the ePub.


      Someone suggested that it may have to do withh how my text boxes are connected.

      I looked in documentation and I looked under every menu  but I am unable to discover how to troubleshoot this issue.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're choosing Page Layout order on the EPUB export dialog, text frames must be connected together in the order you want them to appear. If you have something not connected, it will be placed at the end of the EPUB file.


          I think you need to get more instruction in how to create an EPUB. Here are two good sources:


          * The Lynda.com videos by Anne-Marie Concepcion:


          InDesign CC: EPUB Fundamentals


          You can get a one-week free trial to Lynda.com:




          Also, Elizabeth Castro's books on creating an EPUB from InDesign. They're getting a little old however so Anne-Marie's videos are a better source:



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            loveAndPeace Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            Thanks again.


            Specific to your response to my issue.

            Why would the text frames NOT be connected if i 'inserted the pages'  inside of the connected pages ?

            For a second somewhere, I saw some blue line cross the top of the page.



            I am definetely not adverse to learning from structured materials.  As I mentioned, I successfully created an epub in 2010 using sources found within the Adobe documentation, Videos, Tutorials and Community.    If you want to see my ebook, I will be happy to send you a link.  I created the cover, it has frontmatter and backmatter (index, glossary, graphics, footnotes, links to websites....)



            You are correct.  I will benefit from a fundamental tutorial such as Anne Marie's.


            This epub is 90 % done  (TOC pending)....


            Going thru the entire series on Lynda would take quite a bit of time and involve areas that I am not at this point working in (more on the entire digital publishing side which includes much with graphics and presentation materials)....


            I have watched many of the videos on AdobeTV which explain many things but most do not really deal with ebooks specifically.


            So I clicked on that link to try lynda for a free trial.... and this is not showing as an option.


            Do you have another source to get to that

            free trial link?

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              You need to turn on Text Threading in order to see the issue. View => Extras => Show Text Threads


              To get the TOC to appear in the correct order, you have to anchor the TOC frame into the main text thread.


              For anyone reading this NOT using CC: This only works in CC, not in previous versions. If you are using previous versions and anchor the TOC, the links won't be carried through to the ePub.

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                loveAndPeace Level 1

                Thank you so much for a hint at what is going on :)


                Using what you said and this adobe pdf documentation:

                Threading text....




                I am able to understand and do a few things.


                BUT I am trying to insert    And    thread   2 BLANK pages for

                my 'Table of Contents'


                I have added the blank pages but whenever I use the technique....

                It loads my cursor and all I end up doing is threading the same text into the new empty page.


                Result. NO Empty pages left for me to type in.


                I hope that I explained that.

                I really appreciate you help.


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                  Kai Rübsamen Level 4

                  If I have a look at your other 3-4 questions, it seems, that a little bit of basics in InDesign and EPUB would be a good idea for you …



                  Threading means, if you thread some frames, the last text will flow in the new threaded frame. Maybe not what you want. As Naomi said: You can anchor your TOC in a frame, that is threaded with the story:


                  1. Insert two blank pages after page one (notice, that there is no textframe by default)
                  2. Create your TOC (with the toc-function, not by typing. Otherwise you will have some problems with hyperlinks, see also your other thread)
                  3. Place your TOC on your blank pages
                  4. Notice, that when your TOC is placed on e.g. two pages with two textframes, that the tiny blue square on the first frame is gone! That means you cannot anchor threaded frames into another frame. If your TOC is in only one frame, that is no problem for you. If you have two threaded frames
                  5. Delete the second frame, drag the right handle of the first frame to the right, give the frame two columns, and a gutter width = width of the margin > now you see the icon for anchoring!
                  6. Create on the toc page a tiny textframe and thread it with the frame before and after in the main story. If one line of the following frame flows into this tiny frame, insert a Return in the tiny frame
                  7. Drag the blue square of the toc-frame into the new tiny frame. You are done!



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                    loveAndPeace Level 1

                    Thanks Naomi and Kai.  I applied the techniques that you shared but figured out something else when I was stuck.


                    I figured a work around which in essence makes sense but instill intuitively, I  feel that is should be easy to INSERT BLANK PAGEs in the MIDDLE of an .indd  and to easily THREAD these New Frames to those that are above and below by using the IN PORT and OUT PORT.


                    How I resolved this issue.


                    I did NOT add any new pages.


                    I COPIED the Text - 'my Table of Contents' exactly underneath the title of my book. 


                    Because the copied text was place in an already existing and threaded frame,


                    This added text created an

                    OVERSET TEXT error in PREFLIGHT

                    which I know how to fix because of very helpful adobe users.