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    Converting Files for Non-Designers

    G. Fether

      Good Morning All,


      I am the graphic designer for my company, so most of the important documents are passed through me before sending out to others. Usually I just design the thing 100% and make changes/updates to it as needed.


      However, we've hit a roadblock with a project where that won't work. One of my co-workers needs a layout for a book that will be sent to multiple people. Done. Some of the pages in the book are permanent and will not change, some others have to be customized to who is receiving them. The amount of work needed to customize each page is too much for me to do on top of my other work, so we need to figure out a way where he can take the skeleton I've made and write up the text himself.


      Things we've tried:


      Exporting my ID file to PDF, having him bring it into Word. He can set the pages to a full page watermark, but it's obviously less opaque than the permanent pages.

      Bringing the PDF (exported from ID) into Adobe Acrobat and converting it into a Word document. It comes out really messed up- blank pages, shapes and words in wrong spots, no bueno.

      Exporting the ID file as a jpeg and have him bring it into paint. He can add text boxes and such but cannot format the text to the rest of the book.


      He has a PC with Microsoft Office and the standard fixins that come along with that. Any suggestions how we can work this out? Thanks in advance!

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Inserting the PDF file in Word can work. You'll have to set all the margins to 0 to get your image to go to the edges. Then in Format Picture, under Layout, you can designate the photo to go Behind Text.


          Then just insert text boxes where there are needed above the image.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Possibly the best solution would be to invest in a license for InCopy for this person.

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              G. Fether Level 1

              Thanks for your answers.


              SRiegel- I tried your suggestion, but couldn't set the margins to 0, it wouldn't let me. I got them to a minimum of .1, but the page I've made has a few things flush to the left so it wasn't quite right. I strecthed the page to fit somehow in spite of the margin rule and it looks pretty good. It just feels like I'm doing something wrong since it wasn't so straight forward. I guess I'm apprehensive that each page might come out a little off since it was so much trial and error to get it right.


              Peter- I looked up InCopy, at it seems to be just what I need. Unfortunately my boss isn't keen on buying anyone new programs.

              I am the only one who uses InDesign, so there should be a couple more serial codes from when they bought the program. We asked if my co-worker could get the program on his computer so he could do all of the body copy himself (which should have cost them nothing) and the suggestion was shot down.


              It is what it is, I suppose. Thanks again for the help.