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    Parallax scrolling within a symbol

    Feloxor Level 1



      I have been struggling for a few hours on a particular issue, and wondered if you could be of any help.
      I'm using Animate with EdgeCommonsParallax.js effect -- http://www.edgedocks.com/edgecommons#anchor_edgecommons_9



      So I've got this big chunk of text the size of a book chapter, which I'd like to be as a single scrollable element on my stage.


      The problem is that when i bounce the edge animate project into a .wdgt and import it to IBookAuthor, it automatically resizes the window to fit the screen. I didn't find anything in the exported html/css that I could use to disable the automatic fitting of my composition.


      I have then tried to nest my text in a symbol with a fixed height, which works as far as the scrolling is concerned.


      My issue now is that I'd like to link the scroll element of my symbol, and retrieve the scrolling position to apply a parallax effect on another symbol, namely a picture that would illustrate the text, which would appear at a certain scrolling position and then disappear.


      As far as I've seen on the Edge Commons doc, it is not possible to listen to a scroll event on a symbol. Could you tell me if what I'm trying to do is possible at all ?


      Thanks a lot for your assistance.


      Kind Regards,