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    kill audio when another plays



      How do I kill audio in a symbol when another symbol starts playing?



      I have a very simple setup with a series of symbols on my timeline.


      When you click one symbol it hides itself and shows the next symbol.


      I have audio for each symbol and cannot get it to stop when the next symbol / audio starts!

      i made a click action for each symbol - (there is def1, def2, def3, def4, def5)


      for example, on "def1", this is the click action:




      sym.$("def1").stop(); //me trying to stop the sound completely



      var mySymbolObject = sym.getSymbol("def2");




      Everything is perfect except the sound from def1 still plays when def2 starts!



      Help would be great!


      ps (I can post files if needed. I know I can do an array, too, I just don't really know how...)