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    Our users do not have admin privs. How do we get back to a sane update method?


      I want to suppress the CC update notification to the end user.


      CC frequently interrupts work with update notifications. InDesign recently updated twice within 48 hours. [No errors were indicated on the first run, and CC showed InDesign was updated.]


      My users use a small subset of the Adobe software, yet I have to visit their systems frequently (2+ times a week) to provide the admin priv. so an update can occur.


      This does not work in any environment with a change control methodology.


      Surely Adobe understands the value of change control and not just altering the software environment without consideration or test...


      Does Adobe just allow updates from Microsoft to install anytime of the workday, rebooting user workstations when the update completes?


      Interrupting the end user with an Administrator priviledge is requred message isn't much different.