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    Using serial from product box, but serial number invalid after installation?


      Ok, so.  I have a copy of Photoshop 5, a physical copy, in the original box.  I tried to install it on my computer, and actually did so successfully--it recognized the serial number from the box as correct and did a full install.  However, when I actually opened Photoshop for the first time, a message came up saying that the serial number was invalid, and my options were to enter a new one or wait until next time, when I'd have to enter a new one for Photoshop to run.


      I haven't closed it yet because I need it for work and don't want to risk it not running.  Why would my definitely valid serial number not work?  I double and triple checked what I typed in, and it initially accepted it, only rejecting it after installation.


      I'm on Windows 7.