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    Rollover cursor change

      I use a dolphin image as a rollover cursor change (32x 32 pixels, auto mask, 8bits colour depth). It works on stage, perfectly. The problem is when I publish the movie. The dolphin becomes a bit square, different shape with white space around it. How can I solve it?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          It sounds as if the dolphin image has transparent edges. If you use JPEG compression when you publish your Shockwave movie, the resulting image will no longer be transparent.

          Select the bitmap member and open the Property Inspector at the Bitmap tab. Make sure the lower pane of the Property Inspector is open. In the Compression popup menu, select "Standard". This will ensure that the alpha channel (which gives you the transparency) is preserved when the movie is compressed.
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            balboas Level 1
            Well, the problem is as follows: the dolphin on stage is grey and perfect. In projector the 1/3 of the dolphin is cut (the tail) and it appears transparent above the 2/3 of the dolphin (white colour) into an orange square.