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    How Do I Change the Lab Color Default (for Spot Colours) to be CMYK?


      First of all, forgive me if I am posting this and there already might be a similar question posed.


      I am using Adobe Creative Cloud on a Windows 7 PC.


      Back in the old days, Adobe products default colourspace for Spot Colours was CMYK. I do realize that the colourbooks are always changing. However, most corporations and their branding is not. We have many, many clients that require without exception, that we match colours from previous projects. In some cases, these may go back many years. After all, it is their branding, and their branding uses spot colours based on the older CMYK defaults. They must have exact colour matching to the older CMYK defaults for Spot Colours.


      Question: How can I change the Spot Colourbooks to use the older CMYK colour values and NOT the Lab Colour Values!


      Any information would be very welcome at this point.


      Please note that I have already downloaded something from a previous posting that indicated it was the older .acb Library, however, it falied. Indesign stated the following when attempting to bring it in: