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    swapping movieClips

    Sketchsta Level 1
      Hi guys, i have been playing around with this for hours and i cant get this to work right. Im trying to get a tween happening from a onRelease() but i want this tween to go back to it's original size and position when another button is pressed.

      I know the code is quite long, and really amature. but most of the code is me trying to hold and call the original values of each movieClip im Tweening. Im sure there is an easier and cleaner way to do this, but i dont know it.

      Im creating the onRollOut() function, inside the onRollOver() function.
      Im deleting the onRollOut() function of the button im pressing.
      and im resetting the values of each movieClip from each onRollOut() of every button.

      Here is the SWF, so you can see clearly what i mean

      i want to try and get rid of the rollOut() function, and simply have the movieClips swap values with the one that is already clicked on.

      Thanx in advance for any help.