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    Table Editor prompt re: span/malformed structure - way to turn it off?

    Danny Occoquan Level 1

      In a typical year I tag thousands of tables in Acrobat X (10.1.9). Most are simple, but right now working with a PDF that has hundreds of complex tables, none of which came into Acrobat with column or row spanning set.


      Unfortunately the version of CommonLook I have is old and clunky and for these tables it's faster to use Acrobat's built-in Table Editor.  When I use Table Editor to fix spanning, every time I fix a span I get the prompt:  "Changing the Span attribute may result in a malformed table structure. The TouchUp Table Editor may not be able to display the table structure correctly. Do you want to proceed?"


      Any way to turn this off? I've looked but haven't found a way yet. Sorry if this is already posted somewhere, I didn't see any messages on it.


      Obviously it only takes a second or two to move the mouse cursor & click "Yes" but it's annoying to have to do that every single time I change the spanning attribute, hundreds and hundreds of times. 


      Makes me want to grab Acrobat by the lapels and shake it while shouting "yes, I am aware of that, do not ask me again!!"