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    Way to get Acrobat to make Lbl tags in list structures from Word 2010?

    Danny Occoquan Level 1

      For us, tag structure for lists coming from Word 2010 into Acrobat have the bullet or number included in the LBody tag, with no Lbl tag. One of our major clients insists on Lbl tags.


      The lists are styled correctly in Word, and in previous versions of Word, lists did come into PDF with Lbl tags.


      Have tried it with Acrobat 8, X, XI, and it's this way on every computer we have, forces an extra step in Acrobat to mark bullets/numbers as text then change the P tags to Lbl.


      Is it just us or are other folks living with this too?  If so, does anyone know if Word 2013 makes Lbl tags?


      Sorry if this is ancient history that's already been answered.