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    Several pages of CC aren't working and all my apps including CC is out of date! Please help!

    Irishoffspring Level 1

      I have tried many solutions including chatting with a Adobe Support person and he couldn't fix it. Ive uninstalled everything using the cleaner several times and oh so much more. When i open Creative Cloud, the home page will not come up including the fonts page and behance and the apps page doens't have all the apps its supposed to have plus! their all out of date! i keeping getting the old verions. cs6. i have no option for CC. and even when i install them half of them don't work. the ones i wanted the most. since day one of purchasing creatice cloud ive been having errors and just a little bit ago the techinal support dude told me to click this link and go from there. the link was NO help at all!!!

      I bought a product i can't even use and i'm getting very fustrated and mad. ive been trying to fix this problem for days! please help me!