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    RH11, Webhelp, Chrome & the Toolbar

    JGaf Level 1



      I'm running on a trial version of RH11 to test a few things before we upgrade.


      I imported a webhelp project from RH9 to RH11. 



      When the generated project is viewed locally on Chrome, the toolbar on the skin does not display as expected.  The order of the buttons in wrong.  The buttons display correctly when viewed in IE11.


      In Chrome, the "powered by" About button displays between 2 buttons (index & search) on the left side of the screen.  In IE11, the "powered by" About button displays correctly - on the far right of the screen.


      The order in whstart.js is:



      var gsToolbarOrder = "toc|custom21369|idx|custom18272|blankblock|banner";



      Why doesn't Chrome follow this order? Any other files I should check....?


      The same project generated in RH9 doesn't display locally in Chrome, so this is a new issue to me using RH11....


      Also in Chrome, the "about" window displays the file path of the whskin_banner.htm file under the window's header.


      tested using Chrome version 33.