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    Trying to make tutorial work..

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      I'm working on a very basic flickr tutorial found at adobe labs:


      Basically, I reproduced the tutorial step by step (so I'd go through all the
      steps of building this app) and when I got to the step of assigning a data
      provider to a TileList control, I noticed that in the tutorial, there was an
      extra option not available to me with Flex 2. The line of code looks like

      <mx:TileList dataProvider="{service.result.rsp.photos.photo}" right="10"
      bottom="10" top="64" left="20"></mx:TileList>

      What I noticed is that while typing out the data provider, the
      auto-code-completion in the IDE didn't have an option for "result" but
      instead displayed "resultFormat". Now in the tutorial, there are BOTH
      options (I can see this as he types the code in the video), but I have ONLY
      "resultFormat" and the compiler complains about that line with the error:

      Access of possibly undefined property result through a reference with static
      type mx.rpc.http.mxml:HTTPService. Flickr.mxml Flickr line 11 May 25, 2007
      2:58:05 PM 18

      Not sure what to do here, this is my first attempt at learning Flex and it
      sure looks easy on the video, but I've spent several hours trying to
      troubleshoot this error. When you run the app, it just won't populate the
      TileList with anything but I've confirmed that my web feed is fine by
      punching it up in my browser. I'm sure something is up with the ".result"
      not appearing as a valid option in Flex Builder 2. I have posted the
      contents of my projects BIN folder here:


      Thanks for any help.