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    importing color and font sets

      I just created a new help project in Robohelp 6 for HTML by importing Mif files from an old Frame document. While I was able to import and apply the topic template from another project as well as the style sheet and skin, I can't figure out how to import all my custom color definitions (our corporate colors) or the Font Sets that were associated with the other project. There must be some easy way to do this, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone help?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Kathy and welcome to our community

          Within RoboHelp HTML, creating a Font Set is pretty straightforward. You will probably spend infinitely less time creating a new font set than you would trying to figure out how to go about importing the one you have. To declare the Font Set, make sure a topic has focus and click Format > Font Sets...

          I could be mistaken, but I think the custom color definitions aren't stored globally. Again, I could be wrong about that. Where are you referring to needing to see these?

          Cheers... Rick
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            kmaddox1 Level 1
            Hmmm...maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, but I just spent a lot of time defining colors and font sets for a "template" project that I was going to use as the basis for all my new projects going forward. Here's my situation: I'm working with a bunch of old Robohelp projects, some old Word documents, and some new Frame documents. I need to convert these into Webhelp files that have our corporate look and feel. I inadvertently figured that I could create one standard format that I liked, then apply it to all topics in a project at once (much like importing formats into a Frame document). I just assumed that any custom color definitions and font sets would appear.

            While I know it's not a big deal to define font sets, I really don't want to have to remember to do that each time I create or reformat a Help project. Defining custom colors is worse--my company's look and feel consists of 7 custom colors. While the colors I defined in my template project appear properly in my styles, their custom names have been lost and I can no longert select them from the list of available colors (if, for example, I needed to create a unique style for a particular Help project).

            Aren't there files containing color and font set definitions that I can manually copy into the directories for the new projects? That would be MUCH easier than having to redefine my color and font sets for each project.
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              Hi again Kathy

              Hmmm, in looking behind the scenes (and assuming you are working with RoboHelp HTML) I do see a couple of files you may be interested in. Both have the Anaheim Project (.APJ) extension.

              * rhcolor.apj
              * rhfontset.apj

              Perhaps define the fontset and colors in one project and see if you can copy these to other projects to influence changes.

              Note that I believe this information is duplicated in the ProjectName.CPD file. So you may need to delete that file. (Don't worry, if it goes missing, RoboHelp is smart enough to re-create it)

              Cheers... Rick
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                kmaddox1 Level 1
                Thanks, Rick, that seems to have fixed the problem. A simple little file copy and Voila! my custom colors and font sets are now in the new project. Now I just have to remember to perform that trick on the other 40+ projects I have to convert....