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    Links panel in InDesign CS6 isn't auto-sorting updated links


      In previous versions of InDesign if you sorted the links panel by status it would automatically update the order of the links when their status changed. So when a link went from being missing to being re-linked, it would automatically change position in the list.


      In CS6 I've been having the problem that links that need updating don't sort to the top of the list (or the bottom), instead they stay in alphabetical order even though the status column has been selected as the sorting technique. If I click the status column I can sort them manually, but then once they have been updated they stay where they are instead of dropping down with the rest of the up-to-date links.


      Essentially the links panel only sorts if I do it manually. But continually manually sorting really isn't an option given the number of links I need to manage while under deadline. I work at a newspaper and have hundreds of links that are updated from various sources. I need to quickly see what has been updated at a glance.


      I've checked through my preferences but can't find anything that may be causing this. Additionally I've recently upgraded to a new computer and operating system, but the sorting problem persists. (I've upgraded to a new iMac with the Maverick OS, 10.9.2) I had hoped that upgrading and reinstalling might fix the issue, but it hasn't.


      Any suggestions? I'm really hoping it's just a preference I've overlooked.