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    Creating a new RH9 HTML project from legacy project

    carma3 Level 1



      I am contemplating creating a new project from scratch from the monster that my current RH9 HTML project has become. I would appreciate advice on whether this is the best approach and if so, how to proceed. Here is background:


      I have an RH9 HTML project with 3500+ topics. This project was created with the first version of RoboHelp, back in the Blue Sky software days, about 15 years ago. Each time the RH software was sold to a new company, we ran into major issues with conversions and upgrades. The project kept growing and several times we ran into problems that had to be escalated to the top levels of support with the current owner of the software. Many times the best we could do is create workarounds. The number of files created over the years for this project has become enormous and I'm sure there are many which could be safely deleted but I'm not sure how to find out which ones without lots of trial and painful error.


      The most recent issue that came up was the sudden disappearance of all links between map IDs and topic titles for my context-sensitive topics. I posted here but eventually went to Adobe Support. After long and involved conversation and testing, we determined that one of the topics was corrupted and I was advised to start deleting topics and adding them back until the bad one was discovered. It was a very time-consuming process, and is an example of the other problems encountered, usually one major meltdown like this per year, give or take.


      The project was first created in MS Word 97, with lots of fancy formatting and frills. Eventually I was convinced by members of this forum to switch to RH HTML, so most of that formatting went away, but sometimes not in a nice way.


      So bottom line, I have way too many files, lots of them are messy, and I want to make a nice, clean project and have an easier life.


      What do you experts have to say?


      Thank you.