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    Having problem installing Flash, and Reader won't open files as in older version.


      I've tried everything I know of to get Flash to install correctly. I've read all the FAQ and related info but nothing works. The downloaded file only shows 6mb when I check Control Panel in Windows and the file is almost 3 times that size.


      Also, Reader will not open files the way my older version did. I can't open by clicking on the file anymore and have to 'Save As' in order to read by utility bills. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!


      My system 32 bits, running Windows 7 with a Pentium 4 CPU @ 3.2ghz. and 2.50GB memory.


      With Flash the 'Error 1772' message has appeared - 'A program  run as part of the setup DID NOT FINISH as expected' Contact administrator.  I am the Administrator (my home system), that is why I'm inquiring as to the what the problem is and how I might correct it and get BOTH of these products to run as advertised.  HELP!!


      I have made adjustments to Internet Explorer etc. as per instructions on your FAQ section. No help!


      I would appreciate a solution to my dilemma, as I am about out of ideas as to where to go. So help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.