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    Not too happy with new corner rounding in Illustrator


      Illustrator is a phenomenally amazing program, and I was pretty excited to see the new corner rounding as an option.


      However, I have two complaints against it that will keep me from using it:


      1. I don't see a way to round just ONE corner at a time.... they all seem to round at once.

      2. More importantly, Illustrator adds multiple points to my curve as it calculates this process.


      I'm always  extremely economical with my control points, and if I were going to program this feature, I'd want the corner point to remain in place and the Bezier handles to stretch out in accordance with the new shape. The last thing I want is more points to manage.


      So, from my perspective at least,




      But I'm going to stick with my old way of manually running this feature.... unless others happen to agree with me and this post gains enough traction to be considered worthy of a change in the coding.


      Thanks for reading!


      - ian