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    TRIM, LiveCycle and PDF forms

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      I am using LiveCycle Designer ES3 to produce a form to which I then applied reader extensions through Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. The users of the form have been using Adobe Reader 9 to fill out and save the form. The form is loaded into TRIM (a records management system. See http://www8.hp.com/au/en/software-solutions/software.html?compURI=1173707) and via a TRIM workflow various users fill it out as required. This was working okay in TRIM until a recent network changeover and this is where the explanation gets complicated.


      The form hasn't changed but some users are now on a different network from the TRIM server and these users are also using Reader XI. When trying to get the form out of TRIM to work on it they get a message "This document enabled features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document.". Upon opening the form they find it locked down and they cannot make any changes, let alone save them. The thing is the document has not been changed. What has changed is that the document is in TRIM. TRIM is on a different network and the users have to log into it to access it.


      I sent a Reader XI user a form via email and they were able to edit and save it. When the user uploaded it to TRIM and tried to open it they received the errror message and were unable to edit the document at all.


      Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated.