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    Adobe Camera Raw 8.4


      Is Camera Raw 8.4 going to be released as an update to existing Lightroom 5.3 users ?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Camera Raw is commonly used to refer to a Photoshop plug-in which is not related to LR, so an ACR release will not enhance LR in any way.


          If, instead, your use of the term Camera Raw refers to a version of Adobe’s raw processing engine, then a new version of LR that contains the CR 8.4 engine, but not a CR 8.4 plug-in, is expected to be released. 


          Adobe isn’t saying when and the rest of us don’t know.

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            Yammer Level 4



            And, in case you didn't understand that, it could be rephrased as:


            Camera Raw doesn't work with Lightroom, although it is produced by the same team.
            Lightroom updates are usually released at the same time as Camera Raw updates, and do the same thing.

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              JEB37 Level 1

              OK thank you both. What I really was trying to find out was if there were any known plans to either update Lightroom 5.3  or release a new version which would read the RAW files from new cameras such as the Fuji X-T1. I am aware of the fact that ACR 8.4 is a release candidate for CS6 but I have seen no mention of any Lightroom updates as yet. It appears from what you are saying that Adobe are not saying so I must be patient.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                LR 5.3 came out in December, and the ACR 8.4 RC was released over a month ago.  


                If there is not going to be a LR RC release this cycle, then maybe things are on track, but if there is, then I’d say LR is late.


                The only thing you can do, at the moment, is use the DNG Converter 8.4 RC to make DNGs that LR will understand.

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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                  When the final version of ACR 8.4 is released, everything will be in sync again between ACR and Lr.  (We normally do release the RC versions of ACR 8.x and Lr 5.x at the same time.  Unfortunately we could not do so this time.)

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                    JEB37 Level 1

                    That's good news. Thanks.