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    LR EDIT IN PhotoshopCC


      I purchased the Photoshop CC and LR package earlier this month. Previously I was using the Trial for both so far no problems till now which trial says I am 0days LR won't let me EDIT IN photoshopCC because the trial pop-up comes up.  How do I fix this.?

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi rocket123M,


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          Do you have beta(trial version) installed for light room? If yes, then uninstall it completely by checking the preference boxes too.


          Now restart the computer & download & install from the CC desktop App. It should work.


          In case it does not work, contact Adobe support at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.





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            rocket123M Level 1


            I have windows 7.

            I had already downloaded LR and the Photoshop CC when I purchased them both while I was still using the trial.  I had no trouble till now.  While working in LR it now won't let me cross over via the EDIT IN  Photoshop CC.  When I do the trial pop up appears saying I have expired.  Yet I have purchased PSCC.


            You were saying to uninstall LR but haven't been game in case I lose it completely. That is if I have understood u right.