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    Ctrl + c keyboard event for a data grid not working - Action script 2.0

    RajaSekhar Level 1

      I'm using Macromedia Flex 1.5 with AS 2.0, I want to keep ctrl + c keyboard event for a datagrid,

      I'm trying following code, but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?





                          function myOnKeyDown()






                               if (Key.isDown (Key.CONTROL) && Key.isDown(67))


                                 mx.controls.Alert.show("Copied Succesfully: ");




                                   mx.controls.Alert.show("Press control + c to copy: ");









      <mx:DataGrid width="100%" height="35%" id="cur1_DataGrid" sortableColumns="false" change="level1var.checkForChanges()" keyDown="myOnKeyDown()">





      Actually, if(Key.isDown(67)) is working fine and if(Key.isDown(Key.CONTROL)) also working fine when they are given individually.



      but (Key.isDown(Key.CONTROL) && Key.isDown(67)) is not working.