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    Adding schema to fragments used in multiple forms




      I am creating a web application in which we are using the adoble livecycle dynamic forms and fragments.


      We have more than 50 forms to design using fragments. These fragments are used in many forms together and also individually in the web application.


      We were first using the schema-fragment approach in which we were binding the each fragment with their corresponding schema which worked fine for the single fragment rendering for the purpose of displaying those fragments individually in the web application. The issue we were facing in this approach is that we are not able to render the complete form with fragments bonded with their corresponding schema means form have more than one fragments bonded with their corresponding schema. Please suggest some workbench process which renders the PDF having fragments already bonded with their schemas.


      Then we have also implemented the global data binding approach in which a global field in the fragments contains information that appears in multiple locations on our forms. But this approach has some limitations like we cannot use this in those fields were an object is treated as a list element like in dropdown list.

      If it is possible to use this approach in the list elements then please suggest.


      Then we have implemented the master schema approach to render the form in which we first created the master schema of a single form and bonded that schema to all fragments which were used in the formation of the complete form. But due to more number of forms and data we are not able to implement this approach.


      Last but not least, how to add a JavaScript logic to a field in which we are trying to provide the value to that field  from the another filed which is belong to the another fragment. For Example: We have Fragment, say F1 in which we have filed, say Firstname and then we are trying to provide the value to that field using JavaScript form the another field, say MyName belong to another Fragment, say F2.


      Please provide us some useful information regarding this.


      Thanks in advance.