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    Pre 12 Project Asset sort order


      Using w64 8.1


      I use the program dvdate to split the avi into individual files.

      When it creates a file it is of the form RT0006_scene-d.avi. The d is an increasing number string starting with 1,2,..10,11...100...109, 111,  so forth.


      File explorer sorts the files into the correct order using a method called intuitive or Numerical; so it keeps it in order 1,2,10,11,100, 109, 111 etc. This is also the sort order that Add Media uses.


      But Project Assets sorts the file name using the Literal method, which ends with an order of 1,10,11,100,109,111,2, etc.


      Is this a bug, the way it is, or an option to change the sort order, as win8 provides?


      Thanks for you help.