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    What does this frame/icon mean?


      I haven't been using InDesign for a few years, and have just started using it again. I am currently working on a document that someone else has worked on before me, and I am struggeling to figuere out what this one thing means.


      At this one page, there is posted an image (.eps), as well as a picture from a pdf.file. These two are posted on top of eachother. The image has a purple (though i guess the colour is optional) frame around it, and an icon in the left of the upper line of the frame. The icon looks like two c's facing eachother, with a minus-sign in the middle.



      Anyone know what this means, and the purpose of it?


      Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.



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          Kai Rübsamen Level 4

          The color of your frame depends on the layer, which hold your element. If you create a new document, the frame-color is probably blue, because layer 1 is blue.


          The icon is new to CS6 and it is the linking icon. If your linked elements are missing or out of date, you get a alert there. If you want to relink something, you can simply click on this icon and do not need to find your picture in the links panel. So this icon is verry helpful. If you don’t like it, you can disable it under menue > View > Extras