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    Bridge Database

    Mike Bowes

      Is there a way to start again with the Bridge database?  After a few years, mine is a mess - but at least I know what I want now!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Maybe you should try posting on


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            Mike Bowes Level 1

            I already did that - will they reply like you have?

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              I already did that

              Currently it is indicated that you have posted two messages and there are two of your posts in this thread – so how did you post on the Bridge Forum?


              - will they reply like you have?

              I can’t say, but I suspect the regulars there would have more insight into Bridge issues than me at least.

              You may want to mention your OS, though, and elaborate on what it is you want to do (purge the cache, …?).

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                Mike Bowes Level 1

                I dunno, I just bumbled around the website - the second was after your



                No, nothing seriously tekkie like purging caches and all that stuff.  Once

                you have committed Keywords to a File to a file, all structure adjustments

                are for that file only. I would like to rebuild the whole damn thing.


                I suspect this can't be done; though I can't believe the problem is rare -

                everybody's Database gets messy after a while.  The answer would be to have

                a Master Keyword/Sub Keyword file, which is capable of being simply

                drag/dropped and deleted - I think.  I don't think it's an OS issue - it

                looks like an app issue to me - I don't do this stuff for a living.


                Thanks c.p

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  You need to be more specific about what you want.  Keywords are written to the image, not a database in Bridge.  Are you talking about Photoshop Elements?  Are you talking about the keywords file structure?

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                    Mike Bowes Level 1

                    I am talking about Bridge - the keyword file structure.


                    Ok - there's effectively a DB, which is the Filters listing. If you want to

                    see all images of the same subject that's where you go. That's what DB's do.


                    If one was to be consistent in applying exactly the same keywords / sub

                    keywords to each image the Filters listing would be pretty compact and

                    coherent. Over time one tends to use slighly different keyword names for the

                    same subject, and maybe group sub-keywords differently under a keyword.  In

                    a year or two or three, the Filters listing is a mess.


                    The filters listing is what you use to bring up all images of a like

                    subject. So if the keywords and sub-keywords were used to build a hierarchy

                    in the Filters Listing, or this were editable, the housekeeping would be a

                    whole lot easier.


                    First prize would be to enter them on a image by image basis, but be able to

                    edit the hierachy in the Filters List - I think there would have to be a

                    batch-type update to the hierarchy shown on the individual images - but it

                    isn't something you would want to do every day.


                    I guess the short answer to my original question is -no you can't.  Maybe

                    it's something to put in the development bucket.


                    Thanks Curt Y - I appreciate the quick turnaround.


                    Mike Bowes

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      As a side note I am confused why you check this post ANSWERED, for the thread that just refered you to Bridge.  If marked answered many do not read further, I did as I am the Bridge go to guy.


                      Filters (Panel) is not a database either, it is just a filter.  In Bridge if you look at the keyword panel with the list of keywords, and sub keywords, is your file hieracry.  It is not quick to change, but it can be done.  I can give you a thread to do this if this is what you want.

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                        Mike Bowes Level 1

                        Hi Curt,


                        I am not very familiar with the website, and don't often get into threads

                        and stuff, so maybe I just got it wrong. I think the first time I asked the

                        question in a more general Adobe forum, and I got a message from a

                        (wonderfully named)   <http://forums.adobe.com/people/c.pfaffenbichler>

                        c.pfaffenbichler - (In my country, if you are faffing around - your are kind

                        of not focused) -Anyhow   <http://forums.adobe.com/people/c.pfaffenbichler>

                        c.pfaffenbichler said I should pose the q in the Bridge Forum -so that's

                        what I did. So the second q superseded the first....


                        Yes, I see your point -the filters listing is not a Database in the

                        technical sense - however it is a short hop from being a control feature; if

                        you could alter the architecture to allow for re-ordering the Keyword /

                        sub-keyword hierarchy in the Filters listing. The alphasort for sub-

                        keywords to be subject to the Keywords, so that sub-keywords can be shuffled

                        about from Keyword to Keyword - I think that's about as far as you could go.

                        Variable data applied to a sub-keyword can't be changed except by the user.


                        Let's have a look at that thread - but I think the quick and easy solution

                        is not there.


                        Well it's a beautiful day in Cape Town and I am off to get some sun.


                        Thanks for you time and attention.


                        Mike Bowes