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    Can't update CC apps. Updates 'Suppressed' in Mavericks. How to update?

    Stef B Level 1

      Really hope you can help.


      We have Creative Cloud for teams.


      I'm using a recent iMac running OS X Mavericks.

      I can't update any of my CC apps.


      The option to update is greyed out within each app (see image) and the Creative Cloud app tells me all apps are up-to-date.  They are not.


      InDesign particularly is really laggy / slow and stuck on 9.0.  I want to update to 9.2.1


      I've tried manually downloading the updates and installing them but am then given the message that updates have been suppressed by the administrator.

      The Administrator for our CC for Teams assures me that nothing has been suppressed.


      Now, when I log out of CC on my mac, and move to a different mac with an older OS (10.7.5) and log into CC there I can update on that mac with no issue. Everything is okay.


      How can I enable updates on my mac running Mavericks?





      no-updates.jpg  version_9.jpg