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    rtf to indesign - how to I ungroup imported text boxes from the parent text box

    Corrie1000 Level 1



      I have hundres of diagrams in Microsoft word that need importing to Indesign. I have imported the illustration part of the diagrams via Illustrator but i now need to bring in the diagrams' text labelling.


      The diagrams have a lot of text labels which each appear in their own text box, but if I save the .doc as an rtf and import it into InDesign, it imports all my individual textboxes into 1 large textbox which I can't seem to separate them from.


      If I select one of my labels in Indesign and copy and paste it, it is now a separate text box - great, but InDesign won't let me select multiple text boxes within it's large text box and it just is not feasible for me to be selecting each box individually to cut and paste it.


      Is there anything I can do?

      I can upload a sample if needed




      Edit: Each individual text box (within the large textbox they have been imported into) appears to have been anchored on import. If I release the anchor this does what I need in the same way as cutting and pasting, but again, indesign won't let me select more than one and it would take far too long to select each box individually to release it. So I guess I'm either asking for a different import methos, or a way to select multiple textboxes that have been imported into a single text box.