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    Upgrade problems with XP

      System: XP Pro, SP-2. Dreamweaver 8 with no extensions enabled, updater is current,it's legal and registered.
      I bought the upgrade for CS3. Downloaded the upgrade file. Turned off other programs including the antivirus.
      It unpacked, I selected it to run. It looked like it was doing something. No error messages.
      I restarted my pc.
      Results: No CS3 on any menus, DW8 is still DW8. I checked Control Panel Add/Remove and CS3 is on the list. I clicked Change/Remove, and it just hangs.
      I've never had this much trouble with any upgrade for any software before. What is the trick? Why doesn't Adobe have instructions? You'd think for $200, I wouldn't have to spend hours to get the job done.
      If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it because I'm at my end. I'm going to download the file again and try one more time, but I'm not hopeful.
      I've searched Adobe site and Googled and only found Vista issues, not XP issues.
      Thanks to all who can help.
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          rms1952 Level 1
          More info: I downloaded the upgrade file again. I rebooted XP, turning off the start up programs. I turned off Windows Firewall, my antivirus, etc. I removed flash player. I ran the setup.exe file again. It ran without any errors, but it did not install CS3 upgrade to Dreamweaver 8. It shows on the Control Panel list of programs but is not in the Application Data directory. And when I try to do a change/remove in Control Panel, it just hangs.
          I need this program to work on a big project. Does anybody have any ideas?
          It really annoys me that I'll have to call support just to get this damn program to install.
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            > but it
            > did not install CS3 upgrade to Dreamweaver 8

            It won't install the new version to dw 8, it will be a new program listing
            under Adobe-->Dreamweaver CS3

            if that menu item is not there- suggest looking in hard drive-->Program and
            Settings-->Adobe--> and see if the program was installed.

            If there is a possibility you tried a beta of some adobe cs3 programs, you
            may need to run a cleaner program to get this to install properly.


            READ the information before taking any steps.
            It will totally remove any CS3 applications, including betas and failed

            Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver


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              rms1952 Level 1
              Thank you, Alan. I will run the cleaner tomorrow when my mind is fresher.
              I bought and downloaded the CS3 upgrade from Adobe.
              The packed download file unpacked and ran the initialization, but then nothing. It never really installed. Did not show up as Adobe --- Dreamweaver CS3. But I checked Task Manager and noticed that Setup.exe kept running.
              I've never downloaded any CS3 products before, not trial, not beta.
              But I shall run the cleaner to remove this failed installation. One issue: I've already tried to remove Dreamweaver CS3 via Add/Remove but it won't - it just hangs and nothing happens.
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                > Any suggestions for my next attempt?

                read the cleaner information. It WILL remove what it says it will remove.

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                  rms1952 Level 1
                  Followup: The CS3Clean utility did NOT solve the problem. It cleared out the failed installation, but it did not solve the problem. I called Support but nobody with Dreamweaver was available. I was told to look up Tech Notes, which I had already done. I couldn't find a Tech Note that addressed the problem. The support person researched the Tech Notes and emailed me one that I hadn't found thru searching. It was kb402048 "Creative Suite 3 and point product CS3 installer silently quits (Windows XP and Vista).
                  It is a 6-Solution list that took quite awhile to go through. The last Solution worked, but only after adding a little to it. The solution is IE: disabling all addons and Reset Web. And you have to restart IE, (this may be obvious to some, but it is not in the instructions and can be missed). The other solutions included creating a new admin user account and using selective startup (which I had already been doing).