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    Overcoming duplicate clip numbers

    Little Ern

      My Video camera numbers clips from 00000 every time it starts on a new SD card. This means that if I am making a movie from the clips on 2 SD cards, I cannot combine the 2 sets of clips because PE 10 will not accept duplicate file numbers. I have tried importing to a separate project and renumbering the clips, but when I try to import them into the first project, the old clip numbers are still there. How can I overcome this?

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          Jasper Schwartz Level 1

          Hi there Little Ern,


          I've worked with cameras that restart their file numbers at 0 a number of times in the past, it's a pain!


          While I'm not a video expert and somebody else out there may have a better workflow for this, what I have always done is a batch rename of the files with Adobe Bridge as soon as I transfer them onto my computer... or even with your computer's Explorer or Finder window (depending on how important file information and timecode is to you, if seen some weird glitches when renaming directly in my browser!)


          Once you've renamed your raw clips, you can re-import them with the new names and you are good to go.





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            Jasper Schwartz Level 1

            Here's a link to another thread discussing similar issues.




            There is somebody towards the end of that conversation that mentions renaming your clips in Premiere and using the Project Manager function to copy your clips (and all associated metadata) under the new names to a different location. You would then be able to use these new clips (with appropriate names) in your main project.


            So you open a new project, import your clips, change your clip names and add whatever metadata you want, go to File-Project Manager, select the location you want to get your files from and let it run. You then import the new clips in your project and Bob's your Uncle.



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If by PE 10 you mean Premiere Elements, you need to be in http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements