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    Laptop specs query for APE12 - Dell


      Hi. I appear to be getting the following laptop at the office, and want to know if it would be up to the challenge of basic to mid-level (once I get better at using this program ) Adobe Premiere Elements 12 editing.



      Inspiron 3537: Intel Core i7-4500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz), 15.6 inch LED Backlit Display with Truelife and HD resolution (1366 x 768), AMD Radeon HD 8870M 2GB GDDR5, 8192MB (2x4096) 1600MHz DDR3L, 1TB Serial ATA (5400RPM), Wifi & BT , Internal DVD+/-RW, Win 8 64bit


      Curious to hear your opinions on this model i7, and especially on the graphics. I realise the monitor is not 1080p, but it's plenty for my needs. The footage is all personal use stuff - all clips using standard settingsc on an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and GoPro Hero3 white. (I have not yet got the GoPro footage, so am happy to shoot that in 720p if 1080p would be too much for the laptop to work reasonably smoothly.


      Additionally, I'm keen to connect a second 19" Full HD monitor for editing.


      My apologies if these have been answered before, or if the questions/info make glaringly-obvious noob assumption errors.


      Would appreciate any one's thoughts - will wait to hear opinions before I go purchase and start to play with Premiere Elements 12.