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    unlock code

    Lionel Dennis Spencer Level 1

      I am trying to get the unlock code for Adobe photos, I keep getting sent my e mail address which doesnt work

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Lionel, are you definitely talking about Photoshop, and not Photoshop Elements, or some other application entirely?


          And what do you mean by 'unlock code'?  Is this one of those activate by telephone things where you give them a number and they mail back a response code?


          • Can you make it really clear what you mean?


          • Which version of Photoshop?
          • What operating System are you using?
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            Lionel Dennis Spencer Level 1

            I am trying to unlock the Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2




            Adobe say that they will email the code to me, but all that happens is they send me my email address which does not work














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              Curt Y Level 7

              First off turn off the message repeating function.  Best not to include personal info and a repeat of all the responses.


              The Start Edition has been discontinued years ago.  There is no unlock code.  Your pictures are on your hard drive where you stored them, no need to open Album.


              Hope this helps.

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                Is photoshop album edition decouverte 3.2 I have this one since few years. Il was free when I dowload. Yesterday I make a modification and they unlock me. I registerez my name but I din't reveive ny unlock code Adobe was suppose to send me a unlock code by email for the access to my album but an agent told me today that was not available now.  It was a Pc WINDOWX XP


                How can I get my photos

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                  PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                  Tigars, in the document I gave you tester day, it is Stated that there will be no unlock code for this program. The pictures are on your hard drive, they are not stored inside the program.