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    check if sprite is off screen


      Hi there guys,


      I am making a game which has a gun that fires bullets, Id like the gun to fire so long as the previous bullet is off the stage


      Whats the easiest way to do this please?


      I tried:


      if sprite(13).locV = < -100 then  

         variable 1 = false

      end if


      but it does not work, it allows me to repeatedly fire and cancels the existing bullet on the screen so does not register a hit....


      any ideas what I am doing wrong please?


      please help




      p.s. in an ideal world I would like to fire bullets repeatedly irrespective if existing bullets are on the stage or not and to register a hit....

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          jackblackweb Level 1


          These smart forum folks can help.  I think more of the

          game code and aspects are needed. Is this 3D? What is the LINGO

          that fires the bullets? What version of Director? What platform?

          Good Luck,


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            xirokx Level 1

            Hi jack


            Thanks for your reply


            OK so the lingo for firing the bullets is inside an if statement which checks if the space key is pressed if it is then it fires. This if statement is inside an exit handler


            The game is not 3D, its director 11.5 on the PC


            I know I am real close the good thing is my code is very simple unlike the examples I found online so was hoping someone could suggest a simple solution



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              jackblackweb Level 1



              Unsure without viewing the actual Lingo.


              Variables only work as a single string of characters with no SPACE.


              variable 1 = false, should cause an error alert if sprite(13).locV = < -100


              You're right, the simpler the code the better.