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    How to find my redemption code?


      How to find my redemption code? I know the question was already raised but I didn't read any good answer right now... Is it so complicated to give THE solution?


      I choose the Adobe CC monthly subscription today, and I was very surpised to find difficulty to register my products... The problem is that when I ask "How to find the serial of the licence I bought?", it ask me "How did I get the Licence?" And when I answer by "Creative Cloud on-line subscription", it just send me back on the f*** beginning process (sorry but I'm angry) where it ask me this famous redemption code again... Does it make sense???

      I go round in circles since this morning... and I need to work with the software licence I bought. It's not just to play, it is my job!


      Is someone be abble to give me a REAL solution (and not the sterile answers that I have read before)?


      Thanks in advance for your answers. And sorry for the possible mistakes I did (french nationality).