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    Help with ActionScript

      I have created some Movie Clip buttons that are a little animated. Upon selecting one button it falls out of view. At that point it becomes inactive. If the user selects another button then it will do the same, but I wish for the first button to become active again (realize by button I mean my movie clip--I am NOT shooting for myButton.active=false;) See my A.S. below.

      Basically, when I click on the button it falls I would expect, but it is like the select (n) function isn't being ran or something. It doesn't go through and reset the other buttons. Any help would be appreciated. Again... these are not buttons, but movie clips. Please take a look at the following if they will help.

      1. SWF http://theharmonfam.com/download/latest.swf
      2. FLA http://theharmonfam.com/download/latest.fla