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    Indesign CS6 -> PDF = Fuzzy, Redish Text


      Hello folks,


      I am looking for some assistance with printing a PDF I've created from InDesign.  I've scoured these and other fourms, but to no avail.  Here's a copy of the PDF for anyone to analyze: http://www.nhceh.org/GL%20Sponsorship%20Packet.pdf


      Here's the problem: I've created a document in InDesign that I'm exporting to PDF and printing to my PCL laserjet Sharp MX-2600N.  In the color management settings, I'm selecting "same as source."  The results are colors that I expect and want - except, I'm getting text that isn't crisp, and has a red fuzzy border/shadow.  However, in the color management settings, if I select "Adobe Acrobat Management" (color profile is Adobe RGB 1998), I get text that is a sharp, rich black, but colors that are much less vibrant. 


      Some useful tidbits: I'm using CS6 and I've removed all effects from my file. 


      Any suggestions, thoughts?



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          k.beaulieu Level 1

          If needed/helpful, too, I could supply the actual InDesign file.  I could also scan and image of the results I'm receiving, if that would be helpful as well. 

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            I would have expected somone, more knowledgeable than myself to chime in on this. I attended a 40 minute color management webinar yesterday, that is the full level of my experience with management; I could be incorrect in some of this...


            SWOP is a cmyk profile with less gamut than rgb, hence the duller color result.

            Adobe RGB (is a wider gamut than  sRGB,) and will produce a fuller spectrum than what was achievable in the cmyk.


            In the rgb space, your black text has been converted to a mix of cmyk. Your printer is not capable of perfectly overlapping the inks - analogous to mis-register (printing rick black type) on a traditional press. Hence, the fuzzy edges. Given that it is also red in hue, I would surmise that it is also no calibrated. 


            Your RIP'd file in Adobe RGB and cmyk. I have turned off the black channel.

            RIP'd View.JPG

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              33 Steps Level 2

              I did a preflight on your PDF and black type = 100% black and no issues with images, all is in CMYK and I saw no blurry or reddish effects.

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                k.beaulieu Level 1

                Thanks @33 - I did the same, just to be sure I didn't have any odd % of black... I made sure to convery the one image in CMYK too, just so everything was consistent. 


                The blurry and reddish effects only appear during print, and only when I select (from the advanced settings) "Same as source" in the color management section.  The "Same as source" provides me with the bright, crisp color I want, but produces the fuzzy text with a "halo" of reddishness.  However, if I chose "Acrobat Color Mangement" and "Working RGB: Adobe RGB (1998)," the colors look much duller (which I don't want) but the text looks very crisp and perfectly black in color. 

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                  k.beaulieu Level 1

                  Thanks @Daniel - I'm looking to see if I can recalibrate the color settings on the printer in hopes that it may correct some of the issues.  However, do you have any suggestions on changes I should/could make to get both the crisp, vibrant color that the "Same as source" setting under Color Manamgent in the advance print setup provides with a crisp, black text that the "Acrobat Color Management - Adobe RGB (1998) setting provides?

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                    Daniel Flavin Level 4

                    Is this printer driven by a RIP? (I think not, given you mentioned PCL) In any preferences for rgb blacks, Print black only.

                    Is this toner or ink jet? 

                    In Ink jet environment, align the nozzels. In toner perform a registration of the colors.

                    In your rgb blacks, you are not accurately registering/overlapping all the four colors. It may be a limitation of the device.  Given that the blacks are reddish, calibration of the printer is not accurate.


                    Is this your production machine, or are these your local proofs? (The final print facility will manage the job differently)

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                      k.beaulieu Level 1

                      The printer is not driven by RIP, but it is toner.  I have no clue how to perform a registration of the colors, but I'm going to look into it.


                      Unfortunately, we are doing these prints in-house, as we're not printing that many. 


                      Let me take a look at the settings and see if I can find anything about RGB blacks.  Thanks!

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I susect what you are seeing is an in-printer conversion from CMYK to RGB to CMYK. Non-postscript devices expect to receive RGB data, and if they don't they need to do an internal conversion before thay can process.