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    Showing "End message" after completed animation loop


      Hello World,


      I am creating web banners to put on eg. Google where the banners must stop animate after X seconds, that's why your solution helped.




      After the animation looping ends (after eg. 2 loops) I need the banner to jump to a "end message", eg. Book today! - how can I do that?





      // M.

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          Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          You can set a variable "count" and increment this each time the animation loops and keep checking its value.

          //on stage compositionready

          sym.setVariable("count" , 0);


          Trigger action at the end of the animation for setting loop

          var c= sym.getVariable("count");

          if(c < 1)


          //looping to continue


                    sym.setVariable("count" , c);





          //Stop looping and continue with the other action


          //Here you can jump to any label or do whatever is required



          Attaching a simple sample created to show the behavior.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Sudeshna Sarkar

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