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    On the re-installation of Premier Elements 12


      I have Windows Vista on a 5 1/2 year old computer. I expect that this computer is near the end of its lifetime.  I've used a box version of Premier Elements for years. (The box version made it easy to reinstall after crashes.)  I have just downloaded Premier Elements 12. I see that my purchase allows only two downloads of the software. I am unclear what exactly this means.


      I have one computer.  If I buy a second computer in the future, can I use the second download to install Premier Elements? I mean, Is there a time limit on the use of the second download?


      Assume I have used up both downloads. I have an activation code (unlock key). If my computer crashes and I am rebuilding, how can I re-install the PE software? I hope that after a crash I would not have to purchase PE again.