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    Canceling Place is daunting?

    Roger Breton Level 1

      I miss some of the "old" behavior of the Place command, with regards to importing images.
      My biggest gripe is with placing multiple images.


      It used to be that, pressing the V key, would cancel the importing alltogether.

      But not anymore?


      You see, suppose I selected 10 images for placing.

      What happens is that, after placing one or two, I chose to cancel.

      Canceling works and I'm returned to whatever I chose to do next.


      In the past, when I go back to the system to fetch more images for placing, only the newly loaded images would show up under the cursor. But not anymore? CC somehow "remembers" the images I canceled placing and it insists on me to place those images *before* getting to my newly fetched art?


      ESC cancels placing but ESC does not completely "clears" the "Place memory", so to speak?