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    Slices & Saving For Web


      Hi all,


      I am making a bulk emailer - I have a Jpeg (originally designed in Illustrator) that I need to slice and save as an html. It is a long skinny jpeg for optimal screen/email viewing (750 x 4389 pixels).


      After resizing the original image to 72dpi, slicing the image and saving out (as images & html), when I view the html the images appear broken (broken image icon in the corner) - why does this happen. When I do the exact same thing with any other image, this does not happen.


      At first I thought the image was too long, but then if I reduced the height of the image to nearly half the size - and it still did the same thing. Sometimes (after playing with some settings) some of the slices will appear and others will stay 'broken'


      Please help me!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, but straight up: For the life of it, read up on web design and how to create e-mail blast that actually get through to the user to read. Nobody, and really nobody will read something that consists of such a large image, much less may it even actually go through if the mail account uses file size based filtering rules or blocks images generalyl for security reasons. You are hacking around without having even done the basic research into the topic. Yes, that includes multiple reasons why linked images can disappear when using odd file naming conventions or storing them in odd places as well.



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            Herbert2001 Level 4

            Mylenium is correct - the slice function of Photoshop is not the right way to create a mass email.


            There are many things to consider in terms of email, and too much to go into right now - for example many email clients will have the images turned off by default. A good book on the subject is this one:


            Patterson, Mathew. Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!. SitePoint. © 2010


            Get it, read it, then design and code it.