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    I tried to get my adobe acrobat back to full membership.

    Nickie arch

      I tried to phone to the adobe helpdesk in the neteherlands. I have waited on the phone to times 45 minutes...And knowone from the helping desk is answering me. So I had to hang up the phone...So the helping desk is not functioning at all.


      So I really hope Isomeone have an answer.


      Alle the programs from the adobe creative cloud is working EXCEPT my adobe acrobat profesional....it said that the 30 days trial is finisched.

      (Also strange all my other programs are running in dutch omly adobe acrbat is in english language.)


      I tries to deinstall it > configuration screen and then deinstall adobe acrobat....and the I reinstall it from the adobe acrobat cloud> there I download the app>  but when I open it> it stills said that the trial period is over...


      I have looked in all the facts sheets...but nothing helped..


      So I hope there is a clever person who can tell what I can do.


      Thanks already.