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    Google Play Books Problem - ePub3


      I started developing iBooks with iBook Author, and now have instead switched to creating ePubs with InDesign. I have had no problems with getting my ePub3 to work in iBooks or even in a browser with Readium. It seems the closer I get my code to ePub3 from ePub2 the more incompatible it becomes with Google Play Books. When it was ePub2 I had less issues successfully uploading it into the Google Play Books app to preview the book, and now that I have switched over to ePub3 I cannot even get it to upload successfully. I read something about a year ago that audio and video still isn't working correctly with ePub3's in Google Play Books, that they haven't completely adopted ePub3 yet. I was just wondering if anyone on here knew if that was still the case. I find that trying to find information like this out in Google's forums or really just in regularly google searches I have absolutely no luck. If someone knows anything that might help or could at least point me in the right direction that would be most appreciated.


      I would like to note that when I was trying to upload an ePub2 to the Google Play Book app with video, the video would appear with the controls, however the play control would quickly disappear and only the full-screen button was still present. I was able to tap the full-screen button and the video would play no problem, except for the fact that it was difficult closing the video and continuing on the in ePub.


      Like I said, any help is appreciated. Thank you!