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    Transferring books to my Nook


      For over a year I successfully transferred books from the local library to my nook.  A few months ago  In error i hit the wrong key and stoppewd my computer transferring data to other devices.  Since then it has been a nightmare.  I tried re authorizing the computer to let information be sent to other devices, followed instructions, entered e.mail the password but the it requests vendort id.  Have tried to find out what my vendor id is or how I can get it all to no avail.  I just go from one site to another but never get a straight forward answer or plain and simple instructions on what to do.  I am 68 and am not familiar with computer jargon.  Can someone please help me out with some clear simple instructions or should I delete everything off the computer i.e. adobe, and start with a clean slate or will I still be left with the same problem of not being able to authorize computer to transfer to other devices.  Fingers crossed somebody can help me.  Thank yoi  jackie r