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    Error saving the form


      We have a user who is unable to save her progress when filling out the form. She successfully saved it the first time and received a link but when she hits save now, it gives her an error message saying the form could not be saved. How can this be fixed?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          Could you please be more specific about what the error is?  The Save As feature is only designed to work as long as the user has not used the submit button.  Once a user has clicked submit, the next time they click on the Retrieve Form button/link in their email notification they will get the following error dialog:

          Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.06.47 AM.png

          If this is not what the user is seeing then please repost with the text (or better yet, a screen shot) of the error dialog they are receiving.




          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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            SCD1 Level 1

            Hi Jeff,

            I've attached the error message. It looks like multiple people are having the same issue. The form is definitely set up to allow users to save their progress for 28 days.


            error message.png

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              jcanepa Adobe Employee

              I am currently unable to reproduce the issue.  Can you set me up (temporarily) as a Co-author?  Have you tried saving again (with same result)?  The user that you originally stated had saved her data, retrieved it, then could not save it again... could you contact her and ask how far into the form she was after successful save then how far when form failed? Do you know the Operating System and Browser of the other users (I'm curious if they have Win7 & IE as well)?  Are you familiar with the F12 Developer Tools in IE?  I would like to see what your internet traffic looks like when you try to save (and it fails).


              If you are not comfortable posting information to this forum you can send your replied directly to my email at jcanepa@adobe.com



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                Hello Jeff


                My charity uses a number of FormsCentral forms and fairly recently the save web form function stopped working as described by SCD1 above.  Because some of our forms are quite complex the facility to save a partial completion was very helpful.  Now that it is not working anymore and we have been receiving complaints from users we are keen to get things functioning again.  I got your email address from here a while ago and emailed you with a link to the form in question (26 May 2014) but didn't get a response.  I would appreciate some help with this matter if you are able to.  If you did receive the email the link no longer works as we had to remove the option to save, but I do have a copy of the form with save option in place should you want it (but I'd prefer not to post it here).


                Thank you.

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                  jcanepa Adobe Employee

                  Have you tried again?  There were a number of server issues that occurred around the time you reported your problem. 

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                    Paths Level 1





                    Thanks for your response.  I’ve just tried again and I’m still getting the same error message:




                    Unable to Send Email


                    An error occurred while sending email to you.








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                      jcanepa Adobe Employee

                      Could you go into the form and set me (jcanepa@adobe.com) as a Co-author?



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                        Paths Level 1

                        HI Jeff




                        It’s not just the one form unfortunately, but I’ll set you up as co-author on one of the forms to start with.







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                          jcanepa Adobe Employee

                          Thank you for sharing the form.  From looking at your form it appears that your users provide a lot of data.  It is possible that the amount of data being submitted for Save is exceeding what our server is able to collect. This is just a guess.  It would be very helpful if one of your users could pass on the exact contents of the error dialog they are getting.  There is usually an error reference code included in the text that would help us (Adobe) in figuring out what the actual problem is (as opposed to my guessing).  The dialog will look something like this:

                          Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.26.23 AM.png



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                            Paths Level 1

                            Hi Jeff




                            We’ve had far more complicated and lengthy forms than this which could save data without problems so I’m not really sure that this is the issue. 




                            I have already sent you some error codes but here they are again:




                            error ref code: gX3emssptcP-9-ry2IVMFw


                            error ref code: lyLhELDOIUfxF6kMtc5D2g


                            error ref code: ikuCUqL9MnxjMS*CpyFDfg




                            I’ll make you a co-author of the other lengthy form, which is closed now as the application period has passed.  I just tested this a moment ago and the save function worked.




                            Hope you can help.







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                              jcanepa Adobe Employee


                              I am looking into this issue and will let you know if I find a cause/solution.



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                                Paths Level 1

                                Hello Jeff




                                I’ve just tested the version of the form that has the save function on it and see that it is still not working.  Have you been able to find anything regarding the cause of it?




                                I am unclear if you work for Adobe or are someone who posts on the forums but not connected with Adobe or FormsCentral, could you clarify this for me please?  I’m at a loss as to why this doesn’t work as I have not built this form any differently to the others, but the lack of a functioning save facility is causing us quite a few problems.  If you do work for Adobe and FormsCentral is there anything that can be done about this problem?  And if you do not are you aware of anyone I should be contacting?  When I have looked on the FormsCentral website I can find no details about technical support.




                                I hope you can be of help.