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    "White menu" issue using Wacom tablet


      Hello,  I have some issues with my photoshop program. I have Wacom tablet almost a year, and before I worked on it at school on different computers. At school we had photoshop Cs 6, and I heve never had any problems with any computer and any programs with using my tablet. I contacted adobe support and they told me is that happens because of my tablet, but I can’t work without my tablet, I’m really used to it.

      What photoshop dose to me exactly: While my work in photoshop the program shows me white squares of preferences and all tools come up with white empty squares, I can't actually see what is on the screen. I have all my drivers appropriate to the date, I tried to download drivers  from begging to the end new, but it doesn’t resolve the problem. Hopefully sombody will help me with any advice.

      Thank you.

      Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 2.49.59 PM.png